10 Health Risks Posed By Persistent Heavy Drinking

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Heavy drinking can cause harms to the health. Heavy drinking, when done persistently increases the assurance of the damages to a great extent. The damages introduced in the body because of the alcohol are immense and various. To sum the risk posed by persistent heavy drinking, one can say it harms the drinker from tip to toe.


In this article, we list the top 10 health risks that are posed by persistent heavy drinking.

1. Immune System

The immune system is not the first thing that alcohol affects. In fact, drinking a recommended amount of alcohol can help in strengthening the immune system. However, with the persistent and heavy drinking pattern, the consequences are nothing less than havoc. Alcohol acts as medicine in certain diseases, such as- common cold. Once the body is habitual of alcohol, it will not help as a medicine and thus, leaves the immune system weakened. A weaker immune system can develop many ailments. So, the effect of alcohol on the immune system can be said to be the invitation to several other diseases.

2. Brain

Brain shrinkage is natural with growing age. However, heavy drinking increasing the rate of brain shrinkage to greater levels than normal. Dementia, one of the most critical brain diseases, credits to the alcohol consumption for the long period of time. Even in shorter durations, alcohol can deteriorate the ability of the brain to make a judgment, slow down the thinking ability, hamper the memory, etc. Consumption for the longer durations can cause these issues to pertain for long and even forever in most cases.

3. Mouth, Throat

After tobacco, alcohol can be counted as the biggest reason of developing mouth cancer and throat cancer. Obviously, the consumption of smoking and smoking can be spelled as the catastrophe for these organs. The undiluted form of the alcohol can severely damage the oral cavity, pharynx, and esophagus can lead to mucosal lesions. Swelling of tongue, damaging of salivary glands, decaying of tooth, and several gum diseases are possible the cause of alcohol.

4. Heart

Alcohol starts influencing the heart of human almost as soon as it enters the body. To begin with, it may show some amicable nature. As the consumption remains consistent, the consequences can easily be hard to cure even for the best cardiologists. Alcohol consumption can double the chances of the heart attack as it thins the layers and muscles of the heart. Thus, the heart is very easily susceptible to the bursting. Other than that alcohol keeps the development of clotting factors growing, which cause hassles with the normal operations of the heart. A heavy drinker is an easy prospect to the heart failure and instant death.

5. Nervous system

With the brain and the heart going out of order, there is hardly any chance for the nervous system to stay safe. Since the brain can is controller of nervous system and heart lands the energy to cause its operations, nervous system has to bear heavily in case of drinking. One of the most commonly seen harm of alcohol on nervous system is the slowing down of the reflexes. Continuous drinking can multiply on the dysfunction of nerves and neurons to cause any ailments, like- incontinence, constipation, erectile dysfunction, etc. and leads to complete breakdown, eventually.

6. Liver

Liver damage is perhaps the most heard ailment that is caused because of alcohol. For the liver cells, alcohol acts as a poison. It is likely that the troubles in the stomach during the ‘hangover period’ is the struggle of the liver. Though not always, but often persistent drinking of alcohol can cause cirrhosis, which is a chronic disease of the liver which is marked by deterioration of cells. It may even cause swelling and stringy clotting of tissues in the liver.

7. Pancreas

A large amount of alcohol in pancreas lead to produce poisonous substances. This means the body of the drinker is itself producing toxic, which can lead to critical diseases and disabilities with certain organs. Not only it disturbs the digestion system to some extent, it can even cause the death at primary stages, in some cases. At later stages, the effects go out of curable sectors.

8. Intestines

Alcohol can cause swelling in the intestines. Furthermore, the ill-secretion from the pancreas can even hamper the intestine walls. All this collectively develops some very grave results for the intestines, both small and large.

9. Phycology

Like many other cases, psychology also gains from the calculative consumption of alcohol. Story turn brutal with the heavier consumption. Depression is a pretty common ally of alcohol as one invites other. No matters who is the invitee, it’s the body of the drinker that has to pay.

10. Arthritis/Gout

Alcohol can cause the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints or smaller bones and it is known as gout or arthritis among the medical terms. It can be extremely painful at times. Dietary factors with alcohol consumption, too, has a role to play in its cause.