Alcoholism Self Help

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To overcome any addiction needs a lot of efforts and determination, especially when you are dealing with addiction of alcohol.  The journey to overcome an alcohol addiction can be tough, long or uneven. The moments will come when you will feel it as an impossible task. But, certainly, it is not. All you need to overcome this problem is courage, determination and constant support from your dear ones. If you have your strong support and determination, then nobody can stop you to get rid of alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism selfhelp

It is always better to bring change before the water flows over the head. You are not alone in this journey; we are here to be the support at your side at every moment. Read the following to get out of this problem in your own ways:

Step 1: Make commitment to you

The first step to help yourself with alcoholism is the commitment to quit drinking. This will not happen overnight. It is a gradual process and will take time. In early stage, you may face many difficulties or may also go back to your previous drinking habit, but it’s important to reconsider your decision and commitment to quit drinking and proceed in your journey of recovery with courage and determination. You have to make list which weigh pros and cons of drinking. The table will show you both sides of this problem and eventually you will realise that quitting alcohol will be going to benefit you more.

Step 2: Set your goals

Once the decision is made by you to quit drinking, the next step will be setting an aim about what you actually want to achieve at end. The more specific and realistic you are, more are the chances of success.

For example, first drinking goal:

  • I will not drink on weekdays.
  • I will not drink more than 2 drinks on weekend.

In this way, you have to reduce the amount of alcohol you are consuming step by step. Set one specific date on which you will quit drinking as whole. It can be tomorrow, a week or a month or 6 months. It is up to you to decide. But, meanwhile you have to make constant efforts to reach the ultimate goal.Here are some tips that will help you to reach to your goal:

  1. Let others know your goal: Let your dear ones and your family members that you want to quit alcohol. By doing this, you will get support as well as courage also when you stumble on your path.
  2. Avoid temptations: Try to remove all resources that remind you to drink. Like put all alcohol, beverages etc. in garbage.
  3. Distance from alcoholic people: Try to avoid people who themselves are alcoholic and even push you to support. You have to take step to break your connections with your friends who are alcoholic.

 Step 3: Avoid cravings and triggers

In the first six months of your recovery, there can be intense cravings. If you will go for good alcohol treatment, then you will automatically get prepared to deal with your cravings and stressful situations. You may need to change your lifestyle and you have to avoid social places or activities that triggers you for drinking.

These key points will help you to help yourself with alcoholism. Don’t lose hope during the recovery phase even if you relapse. Each failure may give you an opportunity to experience, learn and again strong recommitment, thus making more chances of success in the future.