Benzyl Alcohol

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Benzyl alcohol is a colourless liquid which has a sharp burning taste and slight smell. It is extracted naturally from plants most commonly from teas and fruits. It is also present in different types of essential oils which include hyacinth, jasmine and ylang-ylang.

Benzyl Alcohol

Other names of benzyl alcohol are:

  1. Benzenemethanol
  2. Phenylcarbinol
  3. alpha-Toluenol
  4. Benzoyl alcohol
  5. Phenyl methanol
  6. 100-51-6

Uses of Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl alcohol has number of applications. These wide ranges of applications are due to the following characteristics of benzyl alcohol:

  1. Low volatility
  2. Low toxicity
  3. Good dissolving capacity
  4. Can act as viscosity reducing agents
  5. Versatile co-solvent
  6. Coalescing agent

 General Uses

  1. Benzyl alcohol is commonly used as a solvent for paints, inks, lacquers.
  2. It is also used as a solvent in perfume, soap and other flavouring agents in cosmetic industry.
  3. It is also helpful in the production of other benzyl compounds.
  4. It is also used as a co-solvent for epoxy resins which are further used in adhesives, coatings, flooring systems etc.

 Nano technological uses

  1. It is used as dielectric solvent in the production of nanowires as it helps in the process of dielectrophoretic

Medicinal uses

The action of benzyl alcohol is due to its bacteriostatic property. Therefore it is used as:

  1. It is used as a solvent in preservative, also used in ointments and emulsions used for medicinal purpose.
  2. It is also used in insect-bite lotions.
  3. It is used in the management of head lice in children with age more than 6 months and adult.
  4. It is also used with LIDOCAINE injection to act as a local anaesthetic and thus helps in reduction of

Side effects of using Benzyl Alcohol

The common symptoms include:

  1. Itching
  2. Irritation
  3. Tingling
  4. Redness
  5. numbness

If medication containing benzyl alcohol accidently enters into eyes then it can cause irritation in eyes.

The medication contain benzyl alcohol can also cause allergic reaction in which symptoms include itching, rash, trouble breathing, dizziness.

It is also harmful to neonate as it can cause gasping syndrome.