Celebrity Alcoholics

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Many celebrities suffer from Alcoholism. Sometimes it is also possible that the celebrities might not just be able to handle the stardom or the kind of attention they are getting or are used to. The amount of pride which results from being a celebrity and the feeling of proud is at times ironically helpful in driving away the ones who might actually care for them. World has seen a hell lot of examples of such stars who died miserably without anyone by their side or to care for.

Charlie Sheen drinking

Well, the term celebrity alcoholics might just be another way to flaunt one’s self to show off the style and compassion. Many such celebrities do that on a regular scale to show off their stardom or for more attention. For example, you might not be surprised if you see Lindsay Lohan next to you in a bar sipping on her favorite piece of pina colada and on the course of getting “wasted”.

For some, being an alcoholic is just another way to cope up with the work pressure. “It really helps me” might be a statement of a celebrity. But in reality, it is the mental state of a person that depicts what they actually “need” and what they are “addicted” to. The major numbers of celebrity alcoholics never survive the course of life or are highly successful in carrying on with drugs in addition to the alcohol that might as well result in death.

There also exist an adequate number of celebrities who actually were alcoholics in the past but came out of the dirty world of alcoholism after getting shunned by the society. At least that’s what they say. Some arrests, some alcohol abuse charges, some of the days of the shiny life in a rehab center and bloom!! They are out of the “jail” and back to the public. The lives of recent stars like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Chris Brown are widely criticized by the critics due to the aggressive behavior. They might say they have changed. But come on, really? Let’s take up the incident of Rihanna getting beaten up by Chris Brown. Well, that guy was either nuts in a shell to beat up a beauty like Rihanna for no reason or on the other side; it might have been the pleasurable effect of the love alcohol!

Here are a few such celebrities

  • Mel Gibson – As per the news, Gibson admitted to a long lasting war with alcohol
  • Elton John – The ones close to him realize his need for alcohol and his existing battle with it.
  • Anthony Hopkins – The Hannibal on screen suffered from alcoholism in the early phase of his career.
  • Eminem – Started with a few drinks and a few pain medications. But got long way through.
  • Robert Downey Jr. – Started off strong but is alcohol-free supposedly.