Drinking Problems and Denial

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Denial is defined as refusal to accept anything. Most of the people with drinking problems don’t accept that they are suffering from any kind of problem. This is known as denial. And this is one of the biggest hurdles faced by the family, dear ones and the sufferer as well. He refuses to accept the fact that drinking can also be considered as any big issue. The person suffering from drinking problem will try to find out ways to get drunk and even will try to give justifications of drinking. His desire to get more involved in drinking will increase day by day. And denial to accept this problem will exacerbate other problems like social relationships, finances, work etc.

Alcoholism denial


Denial will make person hard to realize the grave negative consequences of drinking problem. There is a list of certain things that the person will surely try to deny:

  1. Always underestimating the amount of consumed alcohol.
  2. Moderating the harmful effects of alcohol.
  3. Always grouching and complaining that dear ones are overstating the situation.
  4. Blaming others for his own behaviour like blaming on wife for any dispute in the relationship or blaming boss for his own incompetence in work due to drinking.

There is no doubt in it that drinking problem can lead to major and serious problems in the one‘s life. And it will not onlyaffectthe one suffering from the problem but also on his immediate environment which may include his dear ones, family and friends. He should not ignore his defensive behaviour if he observes the following things:

  1. Rationalising his drinking behaviour.
  2. Making excuses.
  3. Stop commenting and discussing about this matter.

Misconception about Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

  1. Whenever I wish to stop drinking, I can quit it: this is almost impossible. It is just a way to justify and continue with drinking. This misconception assures the person that things are under control which is definitely contrary to the evidence.
  2. It is my right to do whatever I want to,it will be my decision to drink or not: with this, the person is deceiving himself and this will let the individual to stay in the misconception that drinking problem is only affecting that person which is certainly not true. His family and dear ones are equally affected by this problem.
  3. Drinking is not any addiction. I am not taking any drug: this is also one of the most common misconceptions in drinker’s mind. One should know that alcohol also comes under drugs category. Drinking problem can pose significant damages to the body and mind in the form of liver, kidney or mental diseases. Besides the physical problem it can also pose adverse effects on one’s relationships and career, similar to drug addiction. An alcoholic also faces withdrawal symptoms when he tries to stop drinking.
  4. You can’t say me alcoholic as I don’t drink everyday: the misconception that if the person is drinking beer or wine then he can’t be alcoholic and this can pose serious problems. The problem is when the person starts experiencing adverse consequences. It doesn’t matter that how much, when and what the person is drinking. If his drinking problem is affecting his personal and social life, then he is definitely suffering from drinking problem.