Helping a Loved One with Alcoholism

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Alcoholism is that addiction which actually needs a lot of efforts and determination if someone wants to overcome this problem. The struggle is not only done by the person suffering from this problem but also by his /her loved ones or dear ones. When you come to know about the drinking problem of your loved one, then there is no doubt in it that you will also struggle from various painful emotions which may include fear, shame, self-blame and anger.

Alcoholism counseling


And the hardest truth about this problem is that you can’t ignore this problem and pretend to be everything right. Ignoring this problem of your loved one is more damaging to you as well as the person suffering from it in the long run.The journey to overcome an alcohol addiction can be tough, long or uneven for your loved one with alcoholism. The moments will come when you will also feel it as an impossible task. But, certainly, it is not. All you need to overcome this problem is courage, determination and constant support to your loved one with alcoholism.

Most of the times, your loved ones with alcoholism don’t accept the situation and even if they do they are hesitant to reach out for support. They are in the state of denial about any harmful effects of their behaviour on them as well as on others. Therefore, it is always advisable to bring change before the water flows over the head. You are not alone in this journey; we are here to be the support at your side at every moment. Read the following tostart helping your loved with alcoholism.

There are certain DOs and DONTs to help your loved ones with alcoholism.


  1. Try to learn and understand everything about alcoholism or alcohol addiction.Try to utilize all the resources you have and gather as much as information as you can to understand alcoholism or alcohol addiction.
  2. Speak up and reach out yourself to give support to your dear one suffering from alcoholism. Don’t feel shy or hesitant while talking about this to your dear one and ask him as well to talk freely about it. Try to encourage him to take steps to get out of this problem.
  3. Don’t ignore the problems because it will become more difficult if the problem will become worse. Show your concern and offer your strong support and your willingness to help your dear one while dealing with these problems.
  4. Express your love and care during recovery face because that will be the most needed at that point. You may face anger, excuses, denial but you have to react appropriately while dealing with this kind of behaviour.
  5. Don’t lose your hope at any point. Because if you will lose hope, then in any case, your loved one will not able to help himself. You can go for the alternative treatments, support if things are going out of your control. It is but natural that the person with alcoholism may revert back to drinking habit in their initial phase of recovery. It is very challenging but you also need to face the challenge with courage and determination.
  6. During recovery phase as well, try to remain involve in his activities and also encourage him for active participation in groups. Be the constant partner in his successful recovery in long run.


  1. Don’t give him lecture or try to threaten.
  2. Don’t make excuses or cover up for their any kind of behaviour.
  3. Don’t argue with them when they are also in the same state of mind. Try to learn how to handle such kind of situations.
  4. Don’t feel responsible for his problem or behaviour. Face it and take it as challenge.