Is Alcohol a Drug?

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The alcohol being used as a beverage or the beverage alcohol, or ethyl alcohol in particular is a drug. But what actually means when someone says a drug? A drug is being defined as a thing that while absorption by a live organism might be able to modify a single or more functions.

Is Alcohol Drug

In real, any kind of substance which can alter a living organism structurally or functionally by its chemical nature internally or externally is called as a drug. The pharmaceutical effects are done by food, nutrients, hormones, microbes, metabolites, plants, snake and decay products and basically all materials foreign to the body. This would actually mean that food or vitamins or hormones and some of the other things that are described above are nothing but drugs.

But irrespective of all these things, the efforts to brand alcohol as a drug are continued by different groups and people. By equaling the beverages which are made of alcohol with the street drugs that are very much illegal, the activists with their slogans of anti-alcohol are creating a kind of negative aspect to the alcoholic beverages, which are sometimes used for pleasure. This in turn makes very much easy to promote the “cool” effects of alcohol with high taxes and more ways of earning cash by the governments.

But, alcohol is a drug and the most common reason of addiction, diseases and the resulting violence sometimes. In ordinary terms, the term “drug” never includes alcohol. If it is implied that “this” person is a drug dealer, it might also imply that “this” person is a bar owner. There is a linguistic way of saying stuff about alcohol, both as a drug that means as an intoxicant and also as a means of pleasure. A regular drinker, if told that he uses “drugs” will be very much offended as he never meant to misuse it.

Practically, calling alcohol a kind of drugs might have a bit of an advantage in addition to being accurate. It can actually be reminding the person who is about to drink that when they are about to consume alcohol, they might be in interaction with something that is deemed dangerous. There is no kind of wrong associated with smoking weed or pot if drinking beer is not wrong. The question always remains and has remained of the place, the time, the kind of persons, the quantity and quality of “drugs”, the circumstances and intentions and the behaviors that is about to result.

That certainly is connecting to the debate that says that usage of cannabis should be termed legal. Well, that definitely should be concerning regarding the legal thoughts about alcohol. Some of the other side of the factions wants to make alcohol the target. Regarding the legalization of cannabis, an argument is needed that how can someone support banning pot when the alcohol used is in fact more dangerous when compared? This statement puts the advocates for to a right side of the legalization.

So, is alcohol really a drug???