Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Non alcoholic beer

Non-alcoholic beer is also known as low Alcohol Beer. Though, it is a misconception because all beers contain a certain amount of alcohol, which is a fallacy as all of these beers still contain small amounts of alcohol. Alcoholic beers undergoes through two processes:

  1. The alcohol content is reduced by passing alcohol through controlled brewing process
  2. Then further alcoholic content is reduced with the help of permeable membrane through the process known as reverse osmosis

Everybody is aware that alcoholism is threat to the developing country with the highest population of a young generation. Many efforts are made by researchers to sensitize people and make people aware of the adverse effects of alcohol. When it comes to treatment and recovery of alcohol, people always wonder the role of non-alcoholic beer in this process. It seems quite logical that one should shift to non-alcoholic beer to get rid of dependence on alcohol. But this is definitely suspicious to agree.

Health benefits of drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer

  1. Although it is not the best way to satiate recovering process of drinking problem, non-alcoholic beer can exhibit some benefits by increasing level of antioxidants in the blood stream, which inturn can have positive effects on heart and blood vessels.
  2. Beer may help in reducing the risk of bone disease in later age known as osteoporosis. This action of beer is due to the silicon content present in the beer.
  3. Beer also helps in better absorption of copper thus help in preventing copper deficiency that in turn helps in preventing the disease known as atherosclerosis. This effect is independent of alcohol content in beer.
  4. Due to hop content of beer, it helps in reduction of stress and anxiety. And this action of non-alcoholic beer helps shift working nurses or the night shift workers in any other profession to enjoy better sleep.
  5. In marathon recovery process, non-alcoholic beer also plays its role according to some researchers.

Disadvantages of drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer

Where they are advantages, the disadvantages are definitely associated with them which are as follows:

  1. There is always certain amount of alcohol present in the non-alcoholic beverages as well. After consuming a few bottles of these non-alcoholic beers, the consumer may start feeling the effects of alcohol.
  2. If an individual start drinking these non-alcoholic beers in the recovery process, then he can feel nauseated and bloated.
  3. The individual may like out of his imagination that he is drinking the real one. This liking may strongly drive him to relapse to get dependent on alcohol again.
  4. It is one of the most common situations in normal settings when the person drinks non-alcoholic beer in public. The beer can be mistaken as regular beer, which increases the likelihood of relapse especially when the person is in the recovery process.

Other names most common used for Non-Alcoholic Beers

These beers are sold in the market with a number of commercial names as follows:

  1. Near beer
  2. Low alcohol beer
  3. Small beer
  4. NA beer
  5. Small al
  6. No alcohol beer
  7. Pretend beer