Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

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Alcoholism which is also known as alcohol dependence is one of the most common problems with drinking. It includes all the symptoms that are seen with alcohol abuse, along with another important element i.e., physical dependence on liquor. Alcoholism is a phenomenon where the abuser of alcohol feels like becoming compelled to drink.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism & Alcohol Abuse


The various warning signs indicating that you are an alcoholic include:


Tolerance shows up when an alcoholic can drink more than other people without showing the signs of getting drunk. Such people need to consume more than usual quantity so as to get buzzed or to feel the same effects or in order to get high. If you show any of these signs, you might be having alcoholism. Tolerance is an indicator of alcoholism.

Lost control over alcohol consumption

Such people lose control over drinking and find it hard to stop themselves from consuming it in excess.Alcoholics tend to drink for longer than actually intended.

Withdrawal symptoms

An alcoholic might feel shakiness in the morning and considers alcohol to be the only cure. Such people feel an urge to drink since the very morning and find it difficult to carry on the routine activities without it. This is because of heavy dependence of the body on alcohol.  Sometimes it is not in the hands of the alcoholic to cut down drinking even they wish to with their efforts going futile. Whenever alcoholics try to withdraw from drinking, they might feel the following symptoms:

·       Anxiety or restlessness·       Shaking or trembling of limbs or fingers·       Profuse sweating·       Feeling of nausea or vomiting·       Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping ·       Depression or feeling low·       Irritability·       Early fatigue·       Loss of appetite or anorexia·       Headache

In severe cases of withdrawal, alcoholics may face complicationslike confusion, seizures, hallucinations, agitation and fever. Such symptoms could be dangerous for the heavy drinkers and may require consultation with a doctor or even stay at rehabilitation centers for quitting alcohol. There are several other common signs and symptoms of alcoholism that can be listed below:

  • Ignorance of the family: alcoholics tend to ignore their spouse and children as their entire time go in drinking and hangovers. These people may also shy away from social gatherings.
  • Loss off productivity: there is a heavy loss in their work affecting their jobs and daily routines heavily
  • Loss of energy and focus: being a side effect of alcohol where the brain does not work efficiently, the alcoholics may lose their focus and energy. This may severely affect their health and damages their mind and body.
  • Ignoring the consequences and repercussions: alcohol consumers may ruin their personal, professional and health as drinking alcohol affects their sense to differentiate between good and bad. Thus they tend to ignore the ill effects of drinking.
  • Forgetfulness: alcoholics tend to forget their commitments with low recall memory.
  • Hiding of drinking: many people tend to hide their drinking from their close ones and drink secretly.