Social Effects of Alcoholism

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There is no doubt in it that consumption of alcohol can lead to major and serious problems in your social life. If you are addicted to alcohol, then it won’t spare your social life and alcohol will show its grave social effects in your life. The consumption of alcohol can have adverse social effects not only on you, but also on your immediate environment which may include your dear ones, family and friends. It has its adverse effect on society as well. For e.g accidents occur while driving in the influence of alcohol.

Social Effects of Alcoholism


Consumption of alcohol affects your social life in different ways as follows:

Effect of Alcohol on your Work Performance

  1. Productivity: alcoholism can decrease your work productivity as you will lose your concentration while working. Your productivity in work depends on the volume of alcohol you drink. It is well observed that people suffering from drinking problem has poor performance at their work
  2. Absences: there is a lot of evidence that people suffering from drinking problems take leave from their work more frequently than their colleagues. Alcohol has great effect on health a well, which further leads to absenteeism in work.
  3. Occupational accidents: occupational accidents i.e.accidents during work are also commonly observed in people who are alcohol dependent.
  4. Unemployment: alcohol drinking and unemployment both goes side by side. More alcohol consumption leads to unemployment and unemployment leads to increase drinking.

Effect of Alcohol on your Family

Alcoholism affects your family in same way as it affects you. You performance at home as a parent or as a partner is adversely affected. Family members suffer from fear, anxiety and depression as you tend to pay less attention to them. Also family members may suffer from financial crisis because of more money being spent on alcohol purchase.  Increasedrisk to violence prevails at home.

Effect of Alcohol on your Partner

Alcohol plays a substantial role in domestic violence cases. Most of the times, both the partners are under the influence of alcohol. Heavy drinking is strongly associated with violence on the partner as compare to others due to close proximity to the partner increases the risk. It not only affects your sexual life but also affects the mental health of your partner. Alcoholism makes the person more aggressive and put him in more violence. Thisaffectsyour married life and may also lead to divorces and separation. On the other way, it also increases risk of being a victim of any kind of physical and sexual abuse in women.