Women Alcoholism

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There has been debate for years on effects of alcohol.  Researchers have proven that moderate amount ofalcohol showpotential benefits for heart. But there always remain darker side of alcohol. Excess of anything is always bad.  In today’s era, we cannot discriminate men and women when it comes to alcohol addiction.  Women are not being spared from the wrath of excessive alcohol in these days.

Women alcoholism

The reasons responsible for putting women into the evil’s hands are:

  1. Alcohol problem in family or the dear ones
  2. Woman suffering from depression and anxiety
  3. The partner or spouse who drinks heavily
  4. History of any kind of physical or sexual abuse
  5. Peer pressure
  6. Status symbol

Alcoholism in Women

When compare to men, women are more likely to receive adverse health effects of alcohol as compare to man. And the reason behind is God gifted biological body. Men are likely to have more muscles in their body as compare to fat. As muscles retain more amount of water as compare to fat, alcohol gets more diluted in the man’s body as compare to woman. This results in more concentration of alcohol in woman as compare to man. And thus women are more likely to feel the effects sooner as compare to men. Henceforth, women alcoholism leads to 75% higher mortality among them as compare to men suffering with alcoholism

Effect of Alcohol on Women’s Health

Beneficial effects

  1. Lesser risk to cardiovascular disease: The woman with age more than 55 can get benefit from alcohol as it lower the risk of getting heart disease. But the beneficial effect can only be ripened if one drink per day is taken. However, if the woman drinks beyond the moderate amount, i.e.one drink per day, then risk of getting heart disease increases.
  2. Decrease the risk of dementia: according to study done by researchers, the woman who drinks moderate amount of alcohol is less likely to develop any neural disease like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Harmful effects

Excessive amount of alcohol don’t spare any man or woman. The risks are graver to woman as mention above. The risks to woman, who is heavy drinker, are;

  1. Cancer: there is increased risk of breast cancer in woman who imbibes excessive alcohol in her body. Also there is increased risk of cancer in head and neck.
  2. Neural damage: alcohol affects brain cells and women are more likely to get affected in brain as compare to men because of higher concentration of alcohol remains in blood.
  3. Fertility: alcohol affects the ability of a woman to get pregnant. Thus it puts the fertility of woman at risk. Also, if excessive amount of alcohol is being taken in pregnancy, then it can cause serious complication in the unborn child or can cause complications during labour. Alcohol is totally unsafe during pregnancy.
  4. Victimization: alcoholic women are more prone to become victims of physical violence and sexual abuse as the women are not able to protect themselves under the effect of alcohol.
  5. Depression: alcohol consumption can lead to depression in women. There is always a debate that what come first-depression or alcohol. But more alcohol consumptions can lead to severe depression and sleep disturbances.
  6. Nutritional problems: excessive alcohol consumption also make woman under-nourished.