Xanax and Alcohol

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This article will deal with the effects of Xanax and alcohol as a combination. What happens when there is a mixture of Xanax and alcohol? Not really a mixture, but when these two are consumed together or on the course.

Xanax and Alcohol


Xanax has a therapeutic usage as a popular treatment for the purpose of anxiety. It also sometimes causes a heavy feeling of relaxing and at times, euphoria. It might also mean in a negative way that a person might get high on Xanax. Some persons, which counts as a considerable amount like to, increase the enhancing effects of Xanax by trying to mix it with alcohol. Drowsiness accompanied by relaxation and numbness are some of the common effects of Xanax and alcohol together.

But as everyone knows, there is always a darker side to a good one. Xanax has a chemical reaction with alcohol, causing a possible addictive effect on the brain and body together when it is being combined with alcohol. It actually implies that when alcohol and Xanax are consumed together, the effect of Xanax is intensified dangerously and might cause an overdose. The effect of Xanax is long lasting in the blood if taken for a few or several days. It might just last longer when the person is a chronic user.

Related dangers

When consumed together, the dangerous effects are bound to occur. If not instantly, then might be a while later. It happens mainly because a mixture of alcohol and Xanax can increase effects of both alcohols as well as Xanax, thereby intensifying them. This effects is additive, and it is usually going in both ways. The Xanax that is normally being taken does enhance the harmful effects of alcohol itself and alcohol naturally is a sedative drug. When combined with Xanax, it will obviously be causing effects such as difficulty in concentration and difficulty in coordination that puts a person in a high prone area of accidents.

Xanax is also heightening the intoxication a person experiences from alcohol. This intoxication can be deadly, and a person might unintentionally experience poisoning by the means of alcohol, even when alcohol is being taken in safe amounts. Other effects of mixing Xanax with alcohol include:

  • Blacking outs of memory
  • Shallowness in breathing
  • A loss in consciousness
  • Dizziness accompanied with drowsiness
  • Over dosage
  • Impairment of coordination
  • Heart rate becomes slow

As recommended by the doctors, consumption of Xanax must be prohibited when a person is on Xanax medication on a certain period of time or on a regular scale.

Deaths by Xanax and Alcohol poisoning

Alcohol is one of the most used drugs in a combination with Xanax. But drinking while on Xanax might result in death. Even a normal dose of Xanax might be dangerous to be taken along with alcohol. If Xanax is abused or is taken more than a normal dosage prescribed, there might be an overdose and the person may even die. The only way remains to avoid such things is not to drink while on a prescription of Xanax. Even the FDA has issues legal warnings about, not mixing these two at all.